Our Mission

At Respana, we serve customer-obsessed organizations through the entire prospect/customer lifecycle by challenging their thinking and leading change in the “age of the customer." Your clients want immediate value and will go elsewhere if your organization falls short of their expectation and you fail to address it.

For 25 years Respana has been collecting actionable client data globally across many industry lines. We are one of the world’s foremost providers of sales and marketing management, customer experience, client engagement management, voice of the customer, employee engagement studies, business development, market research and outsourcing services.

Respana has collected more actionable client intelligence globally than any other enterprise. Together with our clients, Respana captures and delivers vital business opinions that fit the needs and drive the results they want. Respana has successfully empowered over 4470 global businesses from the global 1000 to the small enterprise with a few employees.

We provide your “daily playbook;” to address the needs of your prospects and the concerns of your clients. Every one of your clients represents profit to your organization, in a competitive world no client is left behind!

Our Vision

To help advance our client’s brand, products and services, contributing to their profitability and success for all partners.

Just how good is Respana?

Here are just some of the company's we've helped make great... Ernst & Young, UniGroup, Bank of New York, Graebel Movers International, Asian Tigers, SEMCA, United Van Lines, Terminix, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Earnhardt Auto Group, Disney, TRC Global Mobility, CenturyLink, ConnectAndSell, Mercedes Benz, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Mayflower, Truly Nolen, Williams Auto World, J.P. Morgan Chase, The World Bank, StormWind, KSG-Alpha Capital, Caterpillar, IBM, Cactus Marketing, American Express, State Street Bank, Penske Auto Group, Glaxo SmithKline, Citi, New York Life and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Our Objective

To assist you in determining and living up to your own high standards of exceptional service and expanding your brand.