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Premier provider of Actionable Client Intelligence, Employee Engagement Studies and the Statistical Analysis of Opinion Data.

Unbiased Feedback Matters

Is your organization satisfied with knowing only a fraction of your clients intelligence? 3rd party feedback acquisition is the only way to truly know how your product or service is doing.

Do Nothing, Gain Everything

Your value is in servicing clients, Respana collects your actionable client feedback. We will provide you with your daily playbook to address your clients concerns and the requirements of your sales prospects.

Understand Your Clients

It’s one thing to know your customers, but to truly understand them is an entirely different concept. We reveal the true impact your brand has, or doesn’t have, on your client base.

Actionable Big Data

The ability to have and use both active and passive Big Data to better gauge your clients and their Loyalty is imperative for your organization. In your clients eyes are you "Satisfactory" or "Exceptional?" Are they including you in their future contracts or purchases? How do you know?

Complimentary Client Analysis

Respana Enterprise Client List
StormWind Studios

“Utilizing Respana, we received over 9 times the response rate from our own surveys and discovered our biggest areas of improvement.”

StormWind Studios

“Getting clients to answer a survey was tough, but Respana did phone followups and got most of them to complete it! Highly recommended!”


“Unigroup needed a service provider who could be fluid and provide customer feedback on >90% of our customers; Respana delivered!”

Silk Cards Batt Industries

“Respana leverages big data through centralized analytic software and the results speak for themselves! Very exciting!”
At Respana, we serve customer-obsessed organizations through the entire prospect/customer lifecycle by challenging their thinking and leading change in the “age of the customer." Your clients want immediate value and will go elsewhere if your organization is fails to provide it.

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